I’ve done the best I can to find direct links to English translations of the many Sagas. Some of the English translations are missing chapters or are unavailable. Where that has been the case, I have provided links to the Icelandic version.

Erik the Red

Greenlander’s Saga -missing Chapter 7 Icelandic version

Egil’s Saga

Kormak’s Saga

Halfred’s Saga

Bjorn’s Saga (Icelandic)

Gunnlaug’s Saga (Icelandic-English version)

Gisli’s Saga

Grettir’s Saga

Hord’s Saga (Icelandic)

Bard’s Saga (Icelandic)

Viga-Glum’s Saga

Saga of Sworn Brothers (Icelandic)

Viglund’s Saga

Njal’s Saga

Finnbogi’s Saga (Icelandic)

Floi Saga (Icelandic)

Kjalarnes Saga (Icelandic)

Gold Thorir’s Saga (Icelandic)

Thórðr Hreða’s Saga 

Ref’s Saga (Icelandic)

Gunnar’s Saga (Icelandic)

Vatnsdal Saga (Icelandic)

Saga of the Heath Slayings

Valla-Ljot’s Saga (Icelandic)

Svarfdæla Saga (Icelandic)

Ljósvetninga Saga (Icelandic)

Reykdæla Saga og Víga-Skútu (Icelandic)

Thorstein the White’s Saga (Icelandic)

Vopnfirðinga Saga (Icelandic)

Droplaugarsona Saga (Icelandic)

Fljótsdæla Saga (Icelandic)

Laxdale Saga

Saga of the Ere-Dwellers

Ölkofra Saga (Icelandic)

Saga of Hen-Thorir

Hrafnkell’s Saga

Saga of the Banded Men

Saga of Howard the Halt

Thrond’s Saga





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