Runes and Symbols Course

I think this is probably the course that will draw the most interest, as we all tend to be fascinated with runes – they are a pretty integral part of Heathenry, after all.

While this course is technically the second in a series, this course can also be taken on its own, and it is set up to be self-paced.

I have the runes & symbols course set up so that those who take the course end up reading in-depth about each rune and six symbols (Mjolnir, Valknut, Irminsul, Aegishjalmr, Vevisir, and the Sunwheel), perform five rune readings using different layouts, and interpret the three major runic poems in their own way.

Please follow these instructions to join [Heathenry 102]: Runes and Symbols

  1. Go to
    • If you are already a member of, please login and go to step 2
    • If not a member, select sign up on top
    • Create login information, and press [continue]
    • Complete your profile, and press [save]
  2. From top menu select classroom, and from side menu select join class
  3. Enter the following codes:
    • class ID : 139734
    • Access Code : HN102

As a note, you will need your own set of runes to take this course. You don’t have to buy them – in fact, some of the best readings I’ve ever done with runes have been with ones I wrote on paper with red ink.

If you do choose to make runes out of paper, it’s important that you use a red color to draw the runes in order to get the greatest effect. The reason for this is because red is symbolic of blood, and the runes have always been directly related to blood and bone magic, two of the most powerful types of magic that exist.


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